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Dimensions(mm) 10440*2500*3250
Interior Height(mm) 2000
Fuel Tank capacity(L) 200
Type of Fuel Diesel
Max. Weight(kg) 14500
Max. Speed(km/h) 100
Manufacturer Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Steering  Integral Power Steering
Engine EQB210 20
Gearbox QJ, 5-gear transmission and 1 reverse
Suspension Leaf springs, bi -directional hydraulic shock absorber
Clutch SACHS MF395
Seats 48+1/39+1 
Body Structure Semi-integral body, Pre-stress stretched panel skin, Full metal body
Air Conditioner option
Audio/Video Radio, MP3
1. Rotional layout of instruments on dashboard provide comprehensive information for the driver 
2. Smiple and orderly interiors;
3. Electrocoating line of the whole vehicles can give the buses a lasting beauty and lengthen the service life of vehicle;
4 Treatment of the tightness between the engine hood and the whole vehicle can effectively reduce the noise inside the bus and improve the comfort of front -mounted bus;

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