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Dimensions(mm) 11995*2550*3800
Passenger Capacity 0-49
G.V.W.(kg) 18000
Fuel Consumption(L/100km) -
Luggage Compartment(m3) 8.4
Max. Speed(km/h) 125
Chassis Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Steering ZF8098 power steering gear
Engine L360 20 /WD615.44 /WD615.46/ISLe340 30 /ISLE +350 30 /ISLE4 360/L325 20
Gearbox S6-150 /S6-160 /S6-90 /ZF 6S-1700BO
Suspension Leaf spring / Air suspension
Clutch SACHS GMF430
Seats 49+1+1/47+1+1 
Heating System Optional: non-independent or independent heating system 
Air Conditioner Non-independent customized A/C

1. Nationally patented headlamp, equipped with PHILIPS bulbs, with optional xenon bulbs, to make the driving in nighttime as safe and comfortable as in daytime.

2. The patented electric rearview mirror specially designed for this bus is precluded from any blind zone, with effectively reduced air resistance and fuel consumption.

3. With the mark of Yutong logo in it, the high-mounted brake lamp is more noticeable.

4. Integrally formed front and rear roof trimmings, tidy and pleasing to the eye

5. The light emitted by the reading lamp is bright and soft, and the lamp can be turned on or off by the passenger as needed.

6. The luggage rack looks nice and elegant, with the extra-high entrance, to improve the stability of luggage.

7. There is an option of a fully-bright structure for the rack supporting leg illuminating lamps.

8. The luxury high-backrest aeronautic seat permits fore-and-aft adjustment and transverse movement, and is also equipped with adjustable armrests, footrests, magazine net and other accessories, to create a pleasant space and relieve the passengers from fatigue in their journey.

9. The turbo supercharger water-cooled engines supplied by well-known manufacturers like Cummins are provided with robust power and reliable performance.

10. The imported or home-made gearboxes of famed brands with steady performance and long service life

11. Dongfeng reinforced front and rear axles or imported Meritor axles are equipped to obtain a high bearing capacity.

12. The hydraulic power steering system, equipped with ZF steering gear, can make the steering operation easy and flexible.

13. The application of WABCO ABS, HALDEX automatic brake clearance adjusting arm and Telma retarder has largely improved the brake reliability and shortened the brake distance, with reduced maintenance cost for the brake disc, hub, tyres, etc.

14. The bus has been strictly tested against the economical efficiency, cooling performance, power performance and reliability, to ensure the reliable operation of the bus by adapting to different operating conditions.

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