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Dimensions(mm) 13670*2550*3860
Passenger Capacity 0-59
G.V.W.(kg) 22000
Fuel Consumption(L/100km) -
Luggage Compartment(m3) 8.4
Max. Speed(km/h) 125
Chassis Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Steering ZF8098
Engine L360 20/WD615.46/ISME380 30
Gearbox S6-160/S6-160/ZF6S-1700BO
Suspension Air suspension
Clutch SACHS MFZ430
Seats 48+1+1/59+1+1 
Heating System non-independent or independent heating system 
Air Conditioner Non-independent customized A/C

1.  New-type rearview mirror, with a unique style, free from any blind zone to embody the human-based care

2. The front windshield double glass looks magnificent and dignified, with effectively reduced air resistance and fuel consumption.

3. The side window pillar has a new structure, is easy for use and eye-pleasing.

4. The super-large side window glass can provide an open view, to enable passengers to enjoy the scenery.

5. With the new-style dashboard, all control buttons are reasonably distributed according to the frequency of use, to provide more convenience and comfort.

6. With a sunken driving zone, the body height is increased, to expand the riding space and make the journey more pleasant for passengers.

7. The super-large luggage compartment provides enough space for passengers’  luggage.

8. The 360HP-above engines are equipped in ZK6147H series, with good power performance.

9.The 8-airbag suspension with high bearing capacity improves the riding comfort.

10. German Linnik angle drive electromagnetic clutch is adopted to save fuel significantly.

11. With dual rear axles, the overall bearing capacity is increased, and the bus length is up to 13.7m with higher carrying capacity. Furthermore, the third axle is provided with a follow-up steering device to effectively eliminate abnormal abrasion of tires. 

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