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Dimensions(mm) 8325*2450*3210
Passenger Capacity 0-31
G.V.W.(kg) 11500
Fuel Consumption(L/100km) -
Luggage Compartment(m3) 2.5
Max. Speed(km/h) 110
Chassis Zhengzhou Yutong Bus Co., Ltd.
Steering China-made power steering gear
Engine EQB210-20/ISBE185 32/ISDe210 30
Gearbox QJ805/QJS6-80/ZFS6-890
Suspension Leaf spring(front 9 rear 11) /Six air bag
Clutch SACHS MF395
Seats 31+1+1/29+1+1 
Heating System defrosting with natural air (for hot area) / independent heating system / high power defrosting (for cold area) 
Air Conditioner Roof-mounted A/C(cooling capacity 18000~21000kcal/h)

1. The driver seat is equipped with a control knob to regulate the rigidity of the shock-absorbing system so as to satisfy demands of drivers with different weights.

2.  The newly-developed full-angle handrail will provide an aid in boarding and alighting by passengers.

3. The large-sized side window and full-view front windshield provide passengers with wide visual field in their journey.

4. The chassis made by Yutong has been verified by the postdoctoral working station in terms of matching reasonability, and together with thermal management system of engine, it features higher reliability and economical advantages.

5. Standard configurations like WABCO ABS, air cut-off energy-storage spring parking brake and Haldex brake clearance automatic adjusting arm have ensured the safety with regard to the braking.

6. The starting protection system can ensure that the starter battery cable is only electrified at the starting of the starter (not electrified at parking or in service), to ensure the safety of the electric system.

7. The styling features of New Lion's Star are inherited, including 3D large curved face, front/rear wall with 3D characteristics and the sense of a sculpture, projection of side wall out of the immediate area of the side window, and natural connection between the waist line and the front wall, which has not only ensured the integrity of the interior and the exterior of the bus to meet demands on visual effects, but also has separated the driving zone and passenger zone effectively.

8. The new-type integral lamps are designed by making reference to the headlamp of BWM’s new products, forming the finishing point of this product.

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