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The spacious sedan for those who want to live large.

Sometimes riding in a small car can feel a little, how shall we put it? Cramped. The Nissan Almera on the other hand has been engineered to give you lots of room and comfort. Space. Quality. Smart Technology. Nissan Almera.

The small car that’s big enough for everyone.

How can you pack more space into a little car like the Nissan Almera? We filled a room with engineers to find out. And what they came up with is a level of comfort and legroom you’d expect from a much bigger, more expensive car.

Gadgets to make your drive easy.

Helpful technology doesn’t stop with great on road performance. The drive computer tells you about your fuel consumption. The Bluetooth®^ handsfree phone system lets you make and take calls. The AM/FM radio and CD stereo has an auxiliary MP3 player input jack so you can easily connect to your iPod+. And of course, the climate control air-conditioning in the Ti makes everything so comfy.

No more fumbling for keys.

The Nissan Almera Ti uses the Intelligent Keyless Entry system. You leave your key in your pocket or bag. You open the car door. You start the engine. You drive away. Simple. Like all good technology ought to be.

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