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Assured Outlook

Honda wants you to discover new delight in CITY motoring. Its striking design, outstanding comfort and convenience, sophisticated handling and swift gutsy performance add a fresh touch of luxurious indulgence. Imagine the pride of driving and owning this prized new-generation compact sedan. Get ahead, stay ahead in your CITY. A joy to behold, a treasure to possess.

The new CITY inspires confidence with world-leading safety advances. It provides active safety features including ABS and Brake Assist, as well as reduced blind areas. And, it offers enhanced passive safety shielding, with Honda's G-Force Control technology to control forces (G) generated upon impact and help reduce injury. Now, explore the future with assurance in your CITY.

Protective attitude

Honda's active safety helps you avoid accidents before occurrence. Passive safety helps protect vehicle occupants and pedestrians alike when an accident becomes unavoidable.

Rewarding Perfomance

Experience powerful strength and soothing relaxation in exhilarating CITY driving. Honda teams an intelligent i-VTEC engine with high-performance Honda engineering innovations so you can enjoy rapid acceleration for strong starts, assured passing power in highway driving, stress-free power, and comfortable cruising. There's a constant sense of new CITY luxury in motion.


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