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In 1972, Honda launched a car that would change the world. Made for all people, the Civic offered an unbeatable package of fun driving, utility and affordability. Today, the ninth-generation Civic offers drivers more style, performance and technologies than ever before. Prepare to show off the sleek, sporty exterior and premium, high-tech interior. Focus completely on the experience of driving in the futuristic cockpit. And take advantage of the satisfying power, excellent fuel economy and outstanding handling and convenience. Civic — it's quite a combination.

Power and Fuel Saved

The Civic powerplant is an advanced 1.8-liter i-VTEC engine that is even more polished and efficient than its predecessors. Enjoy superb off-the-line acceleration, peppy urban driving and glass-smooth highway cruising. The clean-shifting 5-speed automatic transmission and sophisticated suspension and steering systems further add to the fantastic performance. In addition, from its sleek exterior to its flat underside, the Civic is designed for aerodynamic performance in every detail. It all adds up to satisfying power combined with outstanding fuel economy. Everything you need for long, enjoyable drive.

The selection lever, comfortable to the touch, gives you easy access to all the choices offered by the automatic transmission.



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