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  • Mini Bus
  • H2L HighRoof
  • Pickup
Model: SY6480J3DGB-HW-PE
Type: CA4D28CRZ Turbocharged
4 Cylinder Watercooled
Displacement(cc): 2.77
Max. Output(kW(Ps)/rpm): 70 / 3600
Maximum Torque(N-m / rpm): 225/1600~2600
Exhaust Gas Standard: EURO III

Model: ZM001AM3
Type / Gear Type: Mechanical / 5 Speed Manual
1st: 4.452
2nd: 2.398
3rd: 1.414
4th: 1
5th: 0.802
Reverse: 4.473
Front: Independent Suspension
Rear: Leaf Suspension

Overall Length(mm): 5070
Overall Width(mm): 1690
Overall Height(mm): 1935
Wheelbase(mm): 2590
Tread(Front / Rear) (mm): 1460 / 1440
Ground Clearance(mm): 165
Minimum Turning Radius(m): Roof Type(mm): Standard Roof
Maximum Speed(km / hr): >120
Maximum Climbing Degree(%): >30
Full Tank Capacity(mm): 70

Tire & Wheel
Wheel: 15" Steel Rim with Cover
Tire Size: 195 x 70R x 15
Applicable Body: FB Type, Dropside Body, HSPUR Aluminum Van
Dimension Overall (mm): 4545 x 1690 x 2040
Wheelbase (mm): 2850
Front/Rear Thread (mm): 1410 / 1350
Engine Model: XC4F18-F
Type: Gasoline, 4 Cylinders in Line, MFI 
Displacement (L): 1.012
Engine Power (hp): 68
Max. Torque (N.m /rpm): 85 / 3000~4000
Compression Ratio: 9.5:1
Transmission: 5MT
Gross Weight (kg): 2360
Curb Weight (kg): 1240
Front /Rear Suspension: Leaf Springs on Front and Rear
Euro Compliance: III
Fuel Tank Capacity: 45
Brake: Front Disc, Rear Drum
Max. Speed (km/h): 90
Tire: 185/70R14
Application: Passenger Type, Cargo Van
Dimension Overall (mm): 3900 x 1510 x 1823
Wheelbase (mm): 2430
Front/Rear Thread (mm): 1300 / 1310
Min. Turning Radius (m): 4.5
Min. Ground Clearance (mm): 165
Engine Model: XC4F18-T1
Type: Gasoline, 4 Cylinders in Line, MFI
Displacement (L): 0.997
Engine Power (hp): 61
Max. Torque (N.m /rpm): 85
Compression Ratio: 9.3:1
Transmission: 5MT
Gross Weight (kg): 1650
Curb Weight (kg): 1000
Front Suspension: MacPhearson Independent Suspension
Rear Suspension: 6 Leaf Springs on Left and Right
Euro Compliance: III
Fuel Tank Capacity: 40
Brake: Front Disc, Rear Drum
Max. Speed (km/h): 105
Tire: 165/70R14
Name / Series
Body: H2L
Model (Internal): SY6540J1HGN2-B-10A
Model (Public): SY6540J1S3BH 
Emission: EUROIII

Engine & Chasis
Engine: DK4B / 2.5L
Rear Suspension: Taper Leaf Spring
Dependent Suspension
Wheel: Aluminum Wheel 15"
Spare Wheel: Iron Wheel 15"
Power Steering
Tilt Adjustable Steering Column

Front Envelop: 11 Style
Roof: High Roof
Side door steel bar
Paint: Standard: Silver / Optional: Double Color
Saftey Belt: Driver / Co-Driver / Rear Seats
Seatbelt in passenger cabin: 3 point-outside seat 2 point middle & foldable seat
ABS + EBD, Brake Booster, Third Brake Light, Electric Guard System, Back Up Sensor, Parking Distance Control (PDC), Step lamp (Courtesy light), Door Saftey Alarm
Front foglamps, Intermitent windshield wiper, Rear windshield wiper, rear defogger

Roof Panel: Molding Roof Panel
Carpet: Needle + felt
Sun Visor: Double
Front Lamp and Rear Lamp
Audio: GPS + DVD, 6-speaker
Air Condition System: Front and Rear
Name / Series
Body: Double cab pick-up
Model: Careza Pick-up

Engine & Chasis
Engine Model: D22A (2.2L)
Power: 75 kw / 3800-4000 rpm
Torque: 225 NM / 2000-2600 rpm
Chasis: Rigid Chasis
Suspension: Front independent suspension, rear leaf spring
Power Steering
Engine Cover

Remote central control lock
Power window regulator
Side anti-collision step
Tire: P255
High Brake Light, Electric rear-view mirror, manual antenna, aluminum alloy wheel rim, tire, new type combined headlamp, front fog lamp, rear bumper, rear bumper (with fog lamp), tailgate, rear roll bar
Leather steering wheel, tilt adjustable steering column, light-grey interior trim, leather seat, air-condition system

2DIN Radio + USB

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