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Ultimate power, legendary performance

Specially designed for the toughest terrains in Africa, all Nissan NP300 Hardbody models sport a solid, closed-section ladder chassis and bigger, fade resistant shock absorbers. Treated with an E-coat anti-rust treatment and manufactured to world-leading quality standards, the Hardbody is undeterred by the most demanding environment. And with its advanced handling and stability and maximum cab visibility, there’s no better way to enjoy the spectacular African scenery. Africa, you’ve met your match.

The secret to the Nissan NP300 Hardbody’s success starts with its legendary engines, available in the renowned 2.7 litre diesel with its combination of fuel economy and low to mid-range pulling power, and a 3.2 litre diesel. Then there’s the performance factor. Try 64Kw at 4300rpm and 178Nm of torque at 2200rpm, compliments of the 2.7 litre diesel unit. And the QD32 diesel engine provides an impressive 76Kw at 3600rpm and 216Nm of torque at 2000rpm without the complexity of its smaller, turbocharged competitors.

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