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Exclusive feeling in your private space

Once the door of new Nissan Teana is opened, you will feel the different extraordinary, with black colored passenger room elaborated with modern premium material in silver color to reflect the taste of new generation leader. The interior space is large and luxurious, equipped with rear air-conditioner space for more comfort and relaxation. This is your supreme personal space, ready to speed you up to all destinations.

The Ultimate level of comfort

According to the principle stating that men will be in the most relaxed posture when they are in the condition of weightlessness in space. Nissan developed this concept into a new innovation of Spinal Support Seat. Apart from absorbing impact, this high quality seat is also designed specifically for spinal support and weight pressing points according to the ergonomic principle. This results in fatigue reduction during the long drive and increase in comforts in all driving routes.

Navigation System

No matter where your destination is, the intelligent Navigation System will lead you to your destination through a finger touch. With an accurate mapping process through the state-of-the-art GPS technology, this system can display detailed and clear routes, together with icons representing major locations. More convenience is provided by connection with 3D Display screen to display a navigation arrow and the upcoming distance, thus the driver can keep focusing on the road.

Bose Sound System

Fulfill your mood with comprehensive entertainment system in Nissan Teana. Indulged in superb sound quality of BOSE system, which is equipped with subwoofer and 9 speakers around the car.  Enjoy the powerful sound of music from all directions. The new design of quiet and undisturbed passenger room allows you to relax with your favorite songs along the ride. 

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