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The sleekness of a crossover with the robustness of a suv

Is it a crossover? Is it an SUV? No, it’s the All New Nissan X-Trail. Combining the bold, sleek aerodynamic design of Nissan crossovers with the robustness of SUVs, the All New Nissan X-Trail is both dynamic and stylish. From its sculpted lines to elegant curves, its designed to adventure in style; especially as passengers can admire the view through the Power Panoramic Moonroof. The “boomerang” rear lights, LED headlamps, as well as 19” alloy wheels, give the All New Nissan X-Trail its signature look.

The versatility of the All New Nissan X-Trail knows no bounds. Whether it’s the 2 extra passenger seats in the back or the flexible compartments like separated areas to store both wet and dry cargo, it always allows you to make room for adventure.

Zero-gravity inspired seats with spinal support offers great comfprt even on the most bumpy roads. Plus increased legroom means the New X-Trail is both spacious and comfortable.

It’s practical too, with rear doors that open to almost 80 degrees to improve access. Not to mention the surprisingly large flexible storage space, able to hold up to 75kg. When seats are folded it leaves a completely flat surface, second row seats slide to provide the space you need and the cargo area can be portioned into upper and lower areas in a simple single-handed move. All this leaves you with one spacious, comfortable, highly functional interior.

Control is more than just a state of the mind

The All New Nissan X-Trail’s ALL MODE 4x4-i system ensures perfect grip in all conditions. It reduces under steer and when combined with the reinforced chassis gives you ultimate driving control.

So don’t let things like parking and hill starts get in the way. With Intelligent Park Assist, your All New Nissan X-Trail will manoeuvre you into space without a moment’s hesitation for a safe and confident park every time. Plus, it’ll size up parking spots for you, so you can save your energy for when you get out the car. Hill Start Assist will also make your journeys safer so you can focus on the adventure.

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